Why The Original Trilogy is Forever #Winning

Why The Original Trilogy is Forever #Winning

Whether you grew up acting out the original Star Wars trilogy in your spare time or you spent your Saturday nights watching the Star Wars prequels –  wishing you knew Natalie Portman – the fact is, Star Wars probably played a big part in your childhood. There is no escaping how awesome the lightsaber duels were, the amazing aliens, or those fantastic otherworldly landscapes. Star Wars was the foundation for a lot of epic daydreams and creative inspiration to a lot of us. We love all things Star Wars, but – we have to say it – there is no denying that the original trilogy is still #1 in our books.

It will be forever #Winning.

1)      Raspberry Yogurt, Anyone? We love the Raw, the Ragged, and the Raspberry in Star Wars

When George Lucas pitched the first Star Wars movie, not many people in Hollywood were interested. In fact, even after a studio backed him, the consensus was that the film would be a flop. So, not only do you have to love the story of an underdog, but it gives the original Star Wars trilogy a distinct edge. There’s just something about a bunch of people creating something – against all the odds. Don’t tell them the odds, they’re going to make it happen! And with that underdog element, there is a rawness and a roughness that makes the film all the more endearing. Moments like Han shooting Greedo first (which was updated in later films), or raspberry yogurt being used – in place of blood – give it a rawness and an authentic tone.

2)      Aliens with Attitude

We can all be impressed by CGI and thankful for all the super cool scenes it can create…but (isn’t there always a but) when it comes to Star Wars, there is something about the realness of the Star Wars aliens that wins us over every time. They may be a little “kitschy” to some, but when the camera pans across the Mos Eisley Cantina, you can’t help but love all you see. There is a plethora of hysterical visuals and long-time favorites hiding in the crowd. You have the Wolfman, Walrus Man, and Snaggletooth.

Plus, the best band in the galaxy, Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes (and that catchy song).

You can’t help but remember that there are real people in some of those costumes or imagine the long hours spent painting or gluing to get those distinctive looks. There is a realness to the original Star Wars aliens that no CGI could ever replace. Also, there were Muppets! Need we say more? Jim Henson and Frank Oz brought Yoda to life; he’ll forever be a real person – to us – because of it.

3)      Twists, Turns & Twins

The prequels had their share of villains and plot twists but they're no match for the original trilogy. There’s just no bad guy, like an original Star Wars’ bad guy! Darth Vader, with his black cape and deep voice, is the epitome of evil; and, on top of that, he’s Luke Skywalker’s dad? We did not see that coming! And, Luke and Leia are siblings? TWINS? It was twist after twist and the prequels just can’t live up to that.

4)      Timeless Story Across Any Galaxy


There’s no denying that the original trilogy won our hearts because it was the first of its kind.

It was a science fiction fantasy that had new aliens, new planets, and new technologies; it was unprecedented and exciting. Still, the plot is an old one and transcends all galaxies. It has a mythological appeal and every audience member can connect with the age-old battle between good and evil, lessons of love, or struggles of growing up.

5)      Jar Jar Binks, Go Home

We know it is a cheap shot but — we have to say it — the original trilogy didn’t have Jar Jar Binks. The Gungan outcast living on Naboo didn’t do much to enrich the prequels, in fact, he probably did a whole lot more to push people to the Dark Side. In our books, the original trilogy wins for this alone.

So, we may love all things Star Wars, but there are some Star Wars things we love just a little bit more…Check out a Fifth Sun Star Wars tee today!


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