Weekends Are for Waffles: The Breakfast Club in 2018

Weekends Are for Waffles: The Breakfast Club in 2018

On March 24th, 1984, five students spent their Saturday in the high school library – for a day of detention –  and somehow our lives were never the same!

The beloved 1985 coming-of-age film by John Hughes convinced us that detention didn’t always have to be a punishment, there is always more to people than we know, and that friendships can blossom in even the most unexpected places.

In celebration of the iconic Saturday detention – March 24th – from the beloved 80’s film, The Breakfast Club, we take a look at what the “Breakfast Club” would look like in 2018. Would it be the Brunch Club? I mean, Brunch is hip now, right?

Check out the outfits that the Breakfast Club would wear in 2018!

1) Claire Standish: The Princess

Claire was the self-proclaimed “Princess” of the group. She had it all: beauty, wealth, and popularity. Still, there is more to her than meets the eye. She may seem to be sleepwalking through life, like Sleeping Beauty –  doing what she “should” do –  but she’s about to wake up and take the world by storm.

Move over Prince Charming, this Princess doesn’t need your help!

2) Andrew Clark: The Athlete

Andrew, the clean-cut and popular athlete, proudly sported his Letterman jacket in the original film.

We think the 2018 version of Andrew would definitely be showing off a FIFA World Cup Russia 2018™ hoodie because – well – the classic sporty look is pretty timeless.

3) John Bender: The Criminal

John is the tough-guy anti-villain of the group. Maybe he’s a Deadpool fan?

Either way, he’d definitely be wearing something that shows off his own unique and alternative style.

You’re never quite sure what he’s thinking…but you just know there’s something up his sleeve. He’s ditching his 80’s flannel for something a little more stylish in 2018.

4) Allison Reynolds: The Basket Case

Allison, the mysterious “basket case”, would definitely be wearing something black in an homage to her 80’s outfit.

Allison is one of the quirkiest members of the club, but she’s also one of the most confident, and she’s not afraid to follow her own path or her own unique look.

5) Brian Johnson: The Brain

The resident “nerd” is the brains of the operation and he deserves his own NASA sweatshirt!

He may have gotten an F on his Science Project, but he’s pretty determined and hardworking, so we think he’s headed for great things in science.

A 2018 Breakfast Club may look slightly different – there will be newer clothes and maybe even a distinctly 2018 feel to it – but the message would still be the same. Well, okay, let’s be honest, they’d probably be zombies in 2018, right? Zombies are totally in right now…

Still, whether it is 1984 or 2018, don’t be fooled by the awesome outfits the characters may be wearing; The Breakfast Club taught us that there is so much more to people than you know. In fact, underneath it all, they are so much more than a “brain, and an athlete, and a basket case, a princess, and a criminal...” they’re all really just one-of-a-kind unicorns who taught us to appreciate who we really are.



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